Low Carbon Heating

Low Carbon Heating

Mon 9 Oct 2023, 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Heat pumps and other low carbon heating options

Heat pumps are not the only option for low carbon heating, though they are good for many situations. If you are wondering what is best for you, come and hear what our panel has to say. Between us we have personal experience of: heat pumps (air to water and air to air), Zero emissions storage boilers (Tepeo), radiant heating panels and wood stoves for space heating, Sunamp and Mixergy for hot water storage solutions.

This was a lively online talk and discussion.  See more here:

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Slides from the talk  PDF for download

On our panel

John Somerville talking on Air to Air Heat Pumps

Peter Bates talking on Tepeo

Paul Kershaw talking on radiant heating and mixergy

Andy Ranking talking on Sunamp

Nicola Terry talking on Air Source Heat Pumps

Dave Jackson on Wood Stoves

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