Earth Optimism: Shrink your Carbon Footprint

Earth Optimism: Shrink your Carbon Footprint

26/03/2021 – 04/04/2021 – All Day

Take part in shrinking your carbon footprint as part of Earth Optimism’s Solutions Fair. You will learn more about carbon footprints, calculate your own, and find out how you can reduce your carbon emissions and help others too.

Are you worried about climate change but not sure what you can do? You’re not alone. According to YouGov, in February 2021 26% of Brits rank the environment as the most important issue facing the country, trailing only health, the economy and Brexit. All four of these topics have brought frequent bad news, particularly over the last year.

With so many different concerns it can be hard to remain optimistic and with the overwhelming nature of these problems it can be difficult to know where and how to start to deal with them. This is where we at Cambridge Carbon Footprint can help. We have developed a package of resources that can help you get started taking action on climate change by: 

  1. Helping you understand where you are currently having the biggest impact on the environment – via the Carbon Footprint Calculator;
  2. Suggesting which actions to take to reduce those emissions, and encouraging you to pledge publicly to reduce them – via the Cambridge Climate Change Charter;
  3. Helping you to succeed in your pledges with information and resources to help support change – via the Advice Hub.

The Charter and Carbon Footprint Calculator are designed to help you to take control of the emissions in your lifestyle without having to overhaul your way of living. While climate change needs systemic changes on a global and national scale, it is also vital that this takes place alongside individuals taking action when and where we can.

So, if you’ve been thinking of doing something to reduce your personal emissions but have felt overwhelmed, confused and unsure where to start, our step by step guide is for you. From 26 March our activity will be live on the Earth Optimism website, click the button below for more information.

Earth Optimism Solutions Fair

By filling out the calculator, you will be able to better understand where you are contributing most to climate change and where you can make the most effective changes in your life. 

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