The 2024 Cambridge Festival - An Imaginarium Takeover of King's College

The 2024 Cambridge Festival – An Imaginarium Takeover of King’s College

Sat 23 Mar 2024, – Sun 24 Mar 2024, Various

After hosting very popular Imaginarium events for families visiting the University of Cambridge’s Festival in previous years, the CCF team and community artist Hilary Cox Condron are back and collaborating with Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination (CCI) to offer something even bigger and more magical in front of King’s College, Cambridge. There will be hands-on creative activities, a Repair Cafe, stories and practical ideas to share that’ll help us explore how nature might guide us to build a greener, fairer and more connected future.

What Would Nature Do?

Nature has been regenerating itself over billions of years with ecosystems constantly recycling, reusing, repairing and adapting in a circular system. Our current ways of living however, depend on a linear model of consumption where we take → use → and dispose of precious resources. This, and our pursuit of endless growth are putting the natural world, upon which we all depend, under extreme stress. In thinking about moving away from this model we’ll be exploring how to be more attentive to the lessons that nature can teach us and asking ‘What Would Nature Do?’ (#wwnd)

Join us to:
REIMAGINE in a wondrous, creative space hosted by CCI and community artist Hilary Cox Condron. You’ll get hands-on and marvel at the balance in nature through art activities and soundscapes.

CONNECT in the sustainable living advice hub where we’ll support you to root your hopes and ideas in practical action. Local experts promoting circular and sustainable living around Cambridgeshire will be on hand for 1:1 chats and activities. This Hub is supported by Cambridge City Council.

REGENERATE at our two Repair Cafes get your broken items fixed for free at events that match those with broken stuff with people that can fix it. From Tues 13th Feb you’ll be able to book in your broken and worn toys, jewellery and accessories, kid’s bikes, clothes and dressing up costumes, electricals and all sorts of household items for repair. Please book your item in here. There will be some drop-ins available on the day. The Repair Cafes will run  Sat 23rd 10am – 2pm and Sun 24th 1pm – 4pm. 

Pink Bin Dive a guided sessions for children to dismantle discarded electrical items, explore and repurpose their components. Just drop-in between 2.30pm – 4pm on Sat and 11am – 12:30pm Sunday. The 11am Pink Bin Dive on Sunday will be part of the Access Hour.

Join us to watch everyday objects being regenerated in the Repair Cafe, to cultivate connections with artists, campaigners and innovators and together reimagine and create a future that’s teeming with life and guided by nature. 

King’s College, King’s Parade Cambridge CB21ST