Addressing Homelessness: small, sustainable, modular homes - Solohaus

Addressing Homelessness: small, sustainable, modular homes – Solohaus

Sun 8 Oct 2023, – Tue 17 Oct 2023, Various

Of particular interest to those concerned with social housing, mental health services and sustainable communities, these modular homes – SoloHaus – have been designed as an innovative and complete approach to short term tenancy needs for aiding people with a risk of homelessness. Built to last a lifetime, each home can be made, delivered, and fitted quickly, providing residents with extremely affordable, comfortable and energy efficient living.

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Please consider making a donation to Jimmy’s Cambridge for their work, including extensive support for SoloHaus residents.


“The UK has a housing emergency as well as a climate emergency and these homes contribute to helping solve both. There are a record 105,000 households in England living in temporary accommodation, 10% up on last year.” –  BBC

In 2019 housebuilder, The Hill Group, launched Foundation 200, pledging to raise £15M to provide 200 modular homes by 2025 for people who have experienced homelessness. In partnership with  Volumetric Modular, Hill developed the SoloHaus in 2020. Cambridge City Council and Emmaus provided land for SoloHaus locally. Now These modular homes are in use by Local Authorities around the country. Hill has added to the Haus collection, which now includes larger versions, known as DuoHaus and FamilyHaus.
Rory Lowings, SoloHaus Project Manager of The Hill Group, will talk about the project and the eco features of the homes

Jimmy’s Cambridge, a local charity dedicated to reducing homelessness, is a key partner in the project. Jimmy’s provide tailored, wraparound support for SoloHaus residents to help them benefit from having their own home and, if possible, be ready to move on to more permanent housing within 2 years. This vital support is helping to restore the health, relationships and finances of residents.
Mark Allan
, Chief Executive of Jimmy’s Cambridge, will talk about their work supporting Solohaus residents.

Please join us in making donations to Jimmy’s Cambridge to support more of their vital work.

Key Features of this home

  • 24m2 space for a single occupant: compact, comfortable living, winning a CIBSE award for wellbeing.
  • Very secure: made with A1/A2 fire rated materials & fire-exit at the rear
  • High quality fixtures and fittings; low-energy white goods
  • A shared Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) providing heating and hot water 
  • Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) for warm, filtered fresh air
  • Insulation and airtightness to meet the 2025 Future Homes Standard
  • Factory-build offering precision, low waste, quality assurance and traceability
  • 60-year design life – BOPAS Certified 

Tour details

1 hour online tour and questions:  Tue 17th Oct, 19:00- 20:00
This is an online tour. Bookers will be sent links to join  this online event in reminder emails.

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