Borrow an Electricity Monitor

Display your home’s electricity consumption – as it changes

It’s great for:

  • discovering which appliances use the most power
  • seeing how much it costs in £/hour
  • checking what’s still using power, even when you think everything’s switched off
  • understanding how to cut your energy use, bills & carbon emissions

The monitors are easy to install: you simply clip the sensor to any of the 4 cables going into your electricity meter. The sensor is radio-linked to the display, meaning you can put it in any room in your house.

CCF’s monitors are mostly Humm Minims (instructions here)
British Gas also supplies them and have a video description
“Which” have a good suggestions for using your monitor

To borrow an electricity monitor (for up to 4 weeks), contact: Cambridge Carbon Footprint: or 01223 301842