Company Members

Another way to participate in CCF is as a Member of Cambridge Carbon Footprint Ltd, enabling you to vote in elections of Trustees and on other resolutions at General Meetings. Currently our Company Members are:

Monica Frisch, Tom Bragg, Siobhan Mellon, Jason Palmer, Liz Serocold, Bev Sedley, Paul Bearpark, Jane Heal, Nicola Terry, Margaret Reynolds, Ian Collins, Anne Miller, Katharine Smith, Alana Sinclair, Jane Frank, Nicole Barton,  Sarah Whitebread, Seigo Robinson, Lieneke Makaske, Alice Collier, James Murray White, William McVey, Nicole Dang,  Libby Peachey and Ollie O'Donoghue.

You're welcome to apply to be a member too (application form) if you:

  • share CCF’s aims and general approach
  • take a keen interest in CCF and want to contribute to its success
  • normally attend formal meetings of CCF Ltd (at which you have voting rights):
    • Annual General Meetings, when members elect charity trustees (= company directors)
    • other General Meetings, as called by the trustees

Of course you can still be actively involved in CCF without being a company member!