The Community Toolkit - a "Shrink Your Carbon Footprint" workshop guide

A  free step-by-step guide to delivering a one hour workshop on reducing your carbon footprint with a group of individuals in a workplace, organisation or community setting.

This toolkit is designed to enable enable community groups, local businesses and organisations raise awareness of how to reduce carbon emissions, through holding a “Shrink Your Carbon Footprint Workshop”. It is aimed at people in the workplace and community settings who aren’t environmental experts but are passionate about taking practical steps to address the climate and biodiversity crisis. 

The Community Toolkit “Shrink Your Carbon Footprint pack” provides a 60 minute ‘Shrink Your Carbon Footprint’ presentation and workshop plan that can be used off-the-peg or tailored to a particular audience. It also includes tips and guidance on how to lead a good session, how to get people along, signposting to further support and promotional material.

The Toolkit materials

Download The Community Toolkit – Shrink Your Carbon Footprint Guide

Download the “Shrink Your Carbon Footprint” workshop slides:

Support events

To support your organisation run this workshop, we are holding a series of “How to” events. Our next event will be on the 3rd of March to walk you through the toolkit, the Calculator, and the workshop plan and provide an open space for questions. 

We highly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the materials before the event, since we will be working through this workshop with the assumption that you have a basic understanding of them. Please come with any questions that you might have about the materials. We would also recommend that you try calculating your footprint prior to attending – we won’t be sharing results in this session, but it will help introduce you to the calculator and how it works 

More information and sign up here.

The Community Toolkit is a project of the Cambridge Climate Change Charter, working to build a community of climate leaders in Cambridge by giving individuals, households, businesses and organisations the opportunity to understand their carbon emissions and how to reduce them, providing a platform to make a pledge to take positive action.