Take action to reduce your carbon footprint

The menu below gives you an overview of actions you might choose to take. If you have already used our carbon footprint calculator, we have highlighted those actions that suit you most.

Select at least one action to reduce your emissions and at least one to demonstrate climate leadership:

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Demonstrate climate leadership:
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What do the stars mean?

The stars will help you understand how powerful each action is in regards to reducing carbon emissions. One star represents a modest annual saving, whilst three stars highlight the most effective actions to minimise our carbon footprints.

Why demonstrate climate leadership?

Demonstrating climate leadership is an important part of tackling the climate emergency. Only if we speak openly about the challenges ahead and the ways we want to approach them, will we be successful. The ‘Cambridge Climate Change Charter would like to empower you to speak about climate change with your family, friends and colleague and will provide you with the right tools to do so.