The importance of noting things down!

I recently found out that, inspired by our year-long Living Well with Less Stuff challenge, Frisbee has been quietly reducing her spending at the same time as us! (And saving a lot of money into the bargain!) She just shared with the me the single thing that made all the difference for her: writing down her spending. This is what she says:

“I kept a diary of all my expenses for one year. The simple act of monitoring what I spent, and seeing it written down, allowed me to see clearly where there is unnecessary spending, and to make changes to reduce the amount of stuff I buy.”

This made me think about home energy – it’s well known that monitoring energy consumption (reading your meters) reduces energy use even if you take no other measures. It seems that this applies to other things, too! Thanks, Frisbee!

Bev 16/6/13



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