Jan 5th – the real, real start!

At last I managed to get to Arjuna to buy some Suffolk cider vinegar,

At last! Local gluten-free oats!

so I can really start today without anything non-local at all! AND my gluten-free oats from Glebe Farm near Huntingdon arrived very promptly – I will be so happy to have porridge oats and honey for breakfast from now on. (And that’s Newmarket honey in the photo!)(Had fried potatoes today – I remember having them often as a child.) I made an absolutely delicious artichoke soup today – as I didn’t want to use stock cubes, I added carrot, onion and celeriac leaves to the water, together with some fresh marjoram which has survived the winter so far in the garden. I never used to like jerusalem artichokes, but I love soup made with them – even if it does have the side-effect of making you fart, which is a bit annoying. Had that gorgeously tender ox liver from CamCattle, sliced very thinly and fried briefly with onions and mushrooms (local, of course – from Arjuna), together with steamed baby carrots. Mmm!

Posted by Bev

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