The importance of being organised!

Well, I sort of started today (Jan 2nd) but I couldn’t go shopping because it was a bank holiday and I hadn’t got myself organised  enough to replace the cider vinegar and butter. I also had more leftovers from the end of December – mainly they were made with local ingredients anyway, but did include black pepper, and I don’t want to squander one of my precious opt-outs on that! (There were also a few raisins in the spicy red cabbage….) So I think I will have to add another day at the end, even though I did manage to eat mainly local today:

• breakfast: leek and potato soup (I know, I know, that’s a very odd thing to eat for breakfast, but I like it and I hadn’t been able to find gluten-free porridge, although I’m hopeful of getting it locally, as I know Glebe Farm near Huntingdon makes it with home-grown oats) + an absolutely delicious tea made with grated ginger and turmeric, crushed garlic and honey

• lunch: frittata with chard (one of my favourite dishes, if you read my previous blog!) + salad. The dressing was made without pepper but using wine vinegar, as that was all I could get last week after Christmas. Followed by delicious Cox’s apples from the box by my cold back door – they come from the Barker’s farm in Over and have now turned a wonderful bright yellowy-red. They are only a bit wrinkly and still very sweet – I prefer them to apples kept in cold store.

• supper: baked potato (with goose fat from the delicious (local) Christmas goose from Brian and Angie Kearns in Cottenham) and spicy red cabbage

All the veg comes from Simon Steel’s Mayflower Organics stall at the Cambridge Sunday Market (my favourite shopping experience!)

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