Sponsor or partner an environmental organisation or event

Partnering with another organisation is a great way to raise your profile and help others to reduce their carbon footprint. You can also support local events to get your staff or members more involved and raise your organisations profile.


Environmental organisations work hard to educate people about climate change and other environmental issues. They are key drivers for change, but they need to support, both financially and to grow their reach.

Events like a swish, Repair Cafés or workshops can help people reduce their carbon footprint and help them towards a more sustainable lifestyle. By supporting events like these you can not only show that you are taking these issues serious, but also help others in your community.



Partnering with environmental organisations can be a short term or a long term engagement. You can make monetary contribution or simply help them grow their reach and advertise their activities. Here are a couple of organisations in Cambridge and beyond that you might want to support:

Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Cambridge Sustainable Food

Friends of the Earth


Cambridge Carbon Footprint show upcoming events on their website. Contact CCF or the organisers directly to support them.

If you decide that you would like to sponsor your own event, here is some help to get your started:

Run a repair cafe

Organise a Swishing Party (clothes swap)

More ideas for events and activities