Organise an event

Engage with your community through events like a Swish, Repair Cafe or Workshop. You can find all the resources you need to organise these online.


Events bring issues and solutions to life, for example there’s nothing like a Repair Café or swish to bring the ideas of the circular economy to life. Worry about the climate crisis can paralyse many into a sense of helplessness and inactivity – by coming along to events the public see first-hand that others are energised and engaged, that getting active rather than getting angry is an option.


In your planning, be aware that people get involved and come along to things for many different reasons – environmental concern is a factor, but the social motivators can be a strong driver too. Ensuring your events are welcoming and inclusive can be as important as, say a good speaker. When planning, try to think about who your audience might be and what you want them to feel, think and do as a result of coming along. Raising awareness and getting people along to things can be the easy bit – pulling people through to a deeper level of engagement post event is more challenging, but it’s crucial to consider.

Cambridge Carbon Footprint offer support to organise your own events: