Join and get active in an environmental group, network or campaign

There are plenty of networks, campaigns and groups that would appreciate your support in order to tackle the climate emergency.


Changing the way we make decisions about our own everyday lifestyles is an important part of reducing our carbon footprint. However individual change can only go so far. Environmental groups, networks and campaigns support wider social change. which means that less carbon intense lifestyles can become more accessible to all.

Whilst supporting your community to become more environmentally friendly you’ll likely acquire both new social contacts and new knowledge.


There are plenty of environmental groups for you to join, both local and international. Many levels of engagement are helpful, be it regular financial contributions, the sharing and distribution of information (either online or in person), the attendance of events, or getting more involved in the actual running of the group.

Local organisations

Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Transition Cambridge

Cambridge Sustainable Food


XR Cambridge

National or international organisations

Friends of the Earth


Climate Just

Climate Coalition

Client Earth