Heat the house smarter

Setting your heating to a lower temperature as well as turning the heating off overnight and every time you leave the house are all easy ways to reduces your energy use


Turning down your main thermostat just one degree will cut your heating bills (and emissions) straight away, and you may not feel any difference. Switching the heating off in rooms or at times that you don’t need it can lower your energy use even more.


Turning down the heat

If your home has a central heating system you can use the main heating thermostat to reduce the temperature setting for the whole house. Try turning the temperature down by one degree and wait for a day or two to see how it feels. If you’re still feeling comfortable, continue to turn it down until you reach a point where it starts to feel too cold. Make a note of the setting where you still felt comfortable – this is the temperature setting for you and your household.

Most families are happy with a setting somewhere between 18˚C and 21˚C but you may need it warmer if there are any older people or people with health conditions living in the property. The temperature will also depend on the nature and layout of your house and heating system, where the thermostat is and personal preference.

Remember that it can sometimes be worth putting on an extra layer, like a jumper or slippers to feel comfortable rather than turning up the heat. It is definitely cheaper.

Another great way to save money is by reducing the heating in rooms that you don’t need as often. Bedrooms can usually be kept at a lower temperature than living rooms. Same for rooms that you might not use everyday, such as guest bedrooms or studies. You might also want to turn the heating off altogether when you’re out for the day or turn the thermostat to a lower temperature during the night.

Heating controls

Programmers or smart thermostats are a great way to help you make it easier to adjust your thermostat. You can set regular times when you’re out of the house or asleep and even create different settings for different days of the week.

The Energy Saving Trust provides a great overview of the different heating control systems on their website, so do have a look at what might be the most useful for you.

Simple Energy Advice provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits of better heating control systems on their website.