Find my next item of clothing second-hand or at a swap

Rejecting fast fashion and finding clothes that are new to you can add a really social element to shopping. Swapping a shop for a clothes swap party (swish), a kilo sale or joining a local clothes rental scheme can be great fun. Then there’s also options to rummage in the city’s 30+ charity and vintage shops.


Buying second-hand is cheaper, stimulates the local economy, helps charities, stops clothing from becoming waste and cuts out the need to use new resources. The clothing industry is the world’s second largest industrial polluter and emits around 10% of global greenhouse emissions. People consumed 60% more clothes in 2016 than they did 20 years previously and Britons buy more clothes than any other Europeans!

This bingeing on clothing means evermore is ending up as waste in landfill or as microplastics shed into waterways from cheap, plastic based fabrics like nylon and polyester.


Cambridge Carbon Footprint’s  Circular Directory lists dozens of the city’s charity and vintage shops, auction houses, reuse centres and repair services. They also organise an annual Sustainable Fashion Festival.

Cambridge Carbon Footprint and it’s partners throughout Cambridgeshire organise regular clothes swap parties, or swishes. For upcoming swishes see  Upcoming events. CCF supports groups, organisations and workplaces to organise their own by loaning out a full swish kit and providing step-by-step advice. Details here. Thanks to SCDC’s Community Chest funding for the kit.

Popular kilo sales visiting Cambridge include Judy’s Vintage Fair,  Worth the Weight and Preloved Vintage Wholesale.

The Nuw Wardrobe is a fantastic local clothes sharing app that helps you borrow other local people’s clothes, footwear and accessories for a small monthly fee. You can borrow items for an occasional event or longer.

Fashion RevolutionGood on You and Love Your Clothes are  great sources of info and inspiration around sustainable fashion.