Replace unrepairable white goods with extra efficient models

Once your white goods have reached the end of their life it’s worth investing in the most energy efficient models to help you save energy in the long run.


In order to reach net-zero it is not enough to switch to green energy, we need to also reduce our energy consumption significantly. Old household appliances tend to require a lot of energy. To reduce costs and your carbon footprint in the long run, it is worth investing in more energy efficient appliances once your old ones come to the end of their life.


Energy Efficient Products

Refrigerators, Freezers, Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, and Dishwashers are traditionally not very energy efficient. Investing a little more in their efficiency is a great way to save money over time. The least efficient appliance is the refrigerator: The most efficient models consume up to 5 times less energy than a standard refrigerator. Energy efficient washing machines can reduce electricity usage by up to a third. Using the most efficient appliances across the board will have a massive impact on the amount of energy you consume.

Smaller electrical appliances are often overlooked, yet using energy efficient Compact Fluorescent bulb can save up to 4 times more energy than a standard bulb.

Buying Energy Efficient Products

If you ask a vendor for help in finding the most energy efficient appliance they are obligated to help you find the right product. Finding the most energy efficient product may entail shopping around for a while longer than you normally would. Though this may be time consuming, you will reap the benefits, as you will not only save money in the long run, but also contribute to a better global environment.

You can find energy efficient appliances via the Save Money Cut Carbon website.

More information on energy efficient appliances is available through the Energy Saving Trust.