Eat seasonally and locally

Avoiding foods that are transported from far away or have to be refrigerated for long periods of time reduces carbon emissions.


Processing, transport, packaging and retail accounts for 18% of global food emissions. Particular processes e.g. air-freighting and growing food in hot-houses are highly emissions intensive. You can reduce your carbon footprint considerably by eating seasonal local food. This is not only good news for the climate: through buying locally produced food you can also support our food economy and foods that are in season taste better too!


With the supermarkets always full of produce from all over the world, it can be hard to stay on top of what is in season and has been grown locally or in the UK. 


Check what’s currently fresh in the UK e.g. by using the Eat Seasonably website and explore the Cambridge Sustainable Food’s directory to find out where to eat and buy local sustainable produce in Cambridge. Check the food sections in local and national newspapers for recipes that use seasonal produce for cooking inspiration.

Growing your own

If you’re a keen gardener or want to learn more about getting started growing your own you can find out about sustainable farming techniques by volunteering at the Cofarm or at Waterland Community Supported Agriculture. If you find you have a knack for it and start to grow your own at home why not Grow a Row and share your produce locally?





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