Discuss climate change with others

Speaking to people about climate change that don’t usually talk about it can help everyone to better understand the topic and how we feel about it. You can find guidance on how to talk about it online.


Even though climate change is a much investigated and discussed issue, vast parts of our community still don’t realise the importance and how it links back to their daily life. Everyone can use their networks and influence to inform about the issue and thus help create real change.


There are different ways to talk about climate change. An important first step is to share your commitment to reduce your carbon footprint.

But you can also share information about how your family, friends and colleagues can reduce their Carbon Footprint. A quick and easy way to do this is link to content on the Cambridge Carbon Footprint website. We offer a lot of useful resources to talk to your network about Climate Change. Many organisations offer multiple campaigns and resources that you might want to use: