Broadcast regularly about the Charter and the climate emergency

Featuring your pledge and sharing the charter with your stakeholders regularly, e.g. through your newsletter, is a great way to raise your environmental profile and boost the charter’s success.


The best way to make sure that people realise that an issue is serious and that you are recognising it and acting on it, is by talking about it regularly. By including the climate emergency and the Cambridge Climate Change Charter in your regular features, such as a newsletter or social media channels, people will take note and your commitment to it.


After signing up to the Charter you receive an email confirming your pledge. It is easy to share content of this email with your audience. You can also sign up to our regular follow-up emails which would give you ample content to share with your stakeholders.

You can also come back to the Cambridge Carbon Footprint website to find more content about reducing your carbon emissions, like advise, blog articles or upcoming events.