A Celebration of Local Food at Fitzbillies


This delicious sustainable dinner was the official launch of our Food for a Greener Future Campaign.

We packed the house out and had a grand old time! The head chef, Rosie Sykes, designed the menu and explained why she felt that local food was so important, and that Cambridge had alot to offer the local food scene. Duncan Catchpole of Cambrige Organic Food Company shared some stories of where the local produce had come from, as he works with many of the suppliers in the area, and supplies most of Fitzbillies produce regularly. Bev Sedley then launched our Campaign! She talked about the emerging Cambridge Sustainable Food Network (catchier title in the works!) and the Food for a Greener Future Conference.

Many thanks to all the people who came to the dinner, we packed the house out. And to all the people who helped to get the word out there about the campaign and the launch: many thanks!

Here’s a map of all the places our food was grown that night, from the beans, the veggies all the way to the chicken and flour – yummy!

Map menu

Pippa at Fitzbillies 2

Fitzbillies long shot 2

Fitzbillies plate

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