wartime cookery

Woolton Pie
(vegetable pie)
The vegetables in this pie can all be grown in the UK. Eating locally and seasonally reduces waste - up to 40% of fruit and veg is wasted before it’s eaten.Monitor what you throw away. Designate a week in which you write down everything you throw out on a regular basis.
Mocha Pudding
Cottage PieCottage pie is a good way to use up left over meat. 18% of global climate emissions come from meat production and cattle rearing is a major cause of rainforest deforestation.Buy the funny looking, misshapen fruit and veg – it helps use up food that others may not like.
Chocolate pudding
Curried lentilsLentils are great low fat way to get your protein. Dried pulses mean little waste too.Try to go shopping with a list and stick to what’s on it.
African Delight
(date pudding)
Wartime Devilled Fish
(fish gratin)
Overfishing is a huge problem – this recipe uses little fish but tastes good! The Marine Conservation Society’s website can help you identify abundant and threatened varieties.Practice FIFO. It stands for ‘First In, First Out’. When unpacking groceries, move older products to the front of the fridge and put new products in the back.
Patriotic Pudding
Local Bean StewHodmedods grow lots of beans and pulses in Suffolk. Buying local keeps cash flowing through the local community.Extra stew? You can freeze almost anything apart from soft cheese. It stores safely for years but quality will start to deteriorate after 3 months. Best use within 6 months but don't panic if it's been longer.
Rhubarb & Date Pudding
Sausage Roll with Carrots and Parsley Potatoes
(ring of sausage meat)
Using meat as a treat rather than a staple can save you lots of money. An average family of four dropping meat once a week could save £312 per year.Extra food or produce? Try pickling and preserving it or find a local abundance swapping scheme.
Steamed Jam Pudding
Vegetable RaguEating less meat and dairy helps conserve water. It takes 3x more water to produce 1kg of chicken than 1kg of grain.When you get your food home, keep it in its original packaging as it’ll last longer. Gently tie loose veggies in a bag in fridge.
Bare Cupboard Cake

You can find more recipes online at Recipes Past and Present and Lavender and Lovage. Marguerite Patten’s book ‘We’ll Eat Again’ is also a great resource.

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