Volunteer case study – Designer

Katie RandKatie Rand

About you:
My name is Katie and I am from Arbury in Cambridge. I am a Part 1 graduate of Architecture from the University of Lincoln and I am currently living with my parents and our 10 month old puppy named Ruby. I am a keen walker when I get the chance, enjoy make-do-and-mend projects and food!

How long have you been involved with Cambridge Carbon Footprint and what is your role?
I have been involved with Cambridge Carbon Footprint for approximately 4 months now and I volunteer either once or twice a week with the CCF team and once with the Open Eco Homes team.

I do a range of things for CCF including updating the newsletter, sending out invitation to event emails, prepping posters and fliers for display and distribution and I have helped with the background display for a stall we had. I am also to contribute in the design for upcoming promotional/informative postcards.

Why do you volunteer with CCF?
I volunteer for a few reasons. Having struggled to get involved in something primarily focused on architecture after graduating from Uni and moving back home I wanted to interact with, and do something in which I could use my interests and apply the skills I have learnt. CCF allow me to explore eco possibilities available to every home and in a relatable, person to person environment. Also being able to participate in some of the more visual aspects is great for keeping up my creative outlet.

What are or have been the best bits?
Some of my best bits from being with CCF are experiencing the hype when we are on the last run up to an event and everyone is working together to get everything ready – there’s an excited energy. My other is just working with the team in the office. It’s a friendly, chilled space where there are no stupid questions and everyone is super helpful. Both reasons make going in something I look forward to doing.

Three words I’d use to describe CCF:
Approachable, helpful, friendly.

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