Volunteer case study – cook, admin and researcher

Brand and squashBrand Brandsma

About you:

I’m Brand Brandsma (Dutch name, can’t help it) and I live in Hardwick, just a few miles west of Cambridge. I love to cook, go nuts on my drumkit, and anything to do with computers. I live there with my wonderful partner Linda.

How long have you been involved with Cambridge Carbon Footprint and what is your role?

I’ve been involved with CCF for six months now and I have had a few different roles:  Cook, stalls helper and currently I am an office volunteer.

So, what do you actually do?

I started in the kitchen on the Food Conference last February and I have been involved in the 5:2 Good Food Challenge. I am currently working as an office volunteer, doing the odd job here and there. I am also writing a bachelor thesis on the organisational structure of CCF. In addition, I am working on the research and evaluation part of the Open Eco Homes project.

Why do you volunteer with CCF?

I believe we all have to do our part in keeping this planet habitable for the next generation. By helping CCF I hope to make a difference towards that end.

If you were to encourage new people to volunteer with us, what reasons would you give?

The best thing about CCF is the people. The passion, support and knowledge that’s available is amazing. If you are looking for an experience in a great environment where you can actually contribute something, look no further.

Which three words best describe Cambridge Carbon Footprint?

Passion. Support. Knowledge

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