Jane HealJane Heal

About you:

My name is Jane Heal. I live in Cambridge.  I’ve had an academic career in philosophy. And in the intervals of being with my family (two children, one grandchild), walking, reading and looking after the garden, I still find myself meditating on those big questions – What are we human beings capable of? What’s worth going for in life?

How long have you been involved with Cambridge Carbon Footprint and what is your role?

I am a Trustee. I’m also a Member and Co-ordinator of the Outreach Group.

So, what do you actually do?

Many members of the general public are concerned about climate change but feel hesitant as to how to tackle it in their own lives. The Outreach Group are CCF volunteers, trained in enabling people to appreciate that low carbon living can be rich and satisfying. As Co-ordinator, I field the regular requests which CCF gets from community groups, schools and businesses for speakers to give talks or workshops on sustainable living and I match up the requests to members of the group.   As Trustee I meet regularly with the other Trustees to plan CCF’s overall strategy.

Why do you volunteer with CCF?

A low-carbon future could be so very good! It matters that we move things as far as we can in the right direction.

 What are or have been the best bits?

Getting to know many and interestingly varied people who all share concern for the environment and for the longer term. Some great discussions and meals. Seeing how much CCF is doing, through its variety of projects.

If you were to encourage new people to volunteer with us, what reasons would you give?

You will stretch and challenge yourself, you will meet some interesting people.

Which three words best describes Cambridge Carbon Footprint?

Thoughtful, lively, inclusive

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