Travel and transport

Cambridge has the highest cycle rates in the UK – one in five journeys around the city are made by bike. Although Cambridgeshire has its share of traffic headaches, there are some positives; Stagecoach’s fleet of buses run on 100 per cent bio fuel, the train service is better than many and car shares are available.

For the average person living in the UK, travel accounts for around 14 per cent of their annual carbon footprint; if you would like to access more sustainable methods of getting about, here are some helpful websites.


  • Cambridge Cycling Campaign
    Campaigns for better cycling facilities in Cambridge.  Site includes information about cycle parking sites.
  • Park That Bike
    A consultancy seeking to improve national cycle parking, in conjunction with local authorities.
  • Cycle routes around Cambridge:
  • Cambridge Online 
    List of cycle shops in Cambridge including shops that deal with bike sales and hire, repairs, spares and accessories.
  • Cambridge Online 
    List of cycling clubs in Cambridge.
  • Bike shopping-trailers
    Waitrose in Trumpington has teamed up with the City Council to provide shopping trailers for cycling customers to transport their shopping home.


  • The City Circle
    Good information on all buses in Cambridgeshire. FREE bus service linking the Grafton Centre to the historic city centre.
  • Park & Ride
    Busses timetables. Car parks are available at Babraham Road, Madingley Rd, Milton, Newmarket Rd and Trumpington.


Fuel: bio-diesel

  • Cambridge Bio-Diesel Club
    Sells bio-diesel made from waste cooking oil. Currently, fuel is only available to members. Call Mark on 07801042504.

Rideshares and carpools

  • Zipcar
    You join the club and can then hire cars by the hour, booking via their website or your mobile phone and accessing the car with a swipe card.
  • CamShare
    has been set up to provide a local service matching potential partners as
    driver or passenger.
  • Gumtree.
    Find a rideshare partner or offer rideshare in Cambridge.

Delivery services

  • Outspoken Delivery
    Uses bicycles to transport everything from documents to computers across town.
    Phone at 01223 719594.