Thermal Imaging & Training

Helen Taylour TI (640x428)Thermal imaging can vividly show where your home is leaking heat, due to problems with insulation, draughts, etc.

The images are most revealing when it’s >10°C warmer inside than out, so winter is best.

Come to a training evening to learn how to use our Thermal Cameras and interpret their images – then you can borrow a camera to survey your home, those of friends or family and (we hope) others in your neighbourhood.

Some problems revealed are easy for householders to fix, like draught-proofing, and some, like faulty insulation, may need professional help.  Significant energy savings are often made as a result, cutting bills and carbon emissions.
If you just want a survey, can you persuade a friend to come to a training session?

Register your interest in a  training session: or 01223 301842.
Look in Upcoming Events for training sessions.

See our Thermal Imaging Guide and further resources

This project is currently under-funded. Please consider making a donation to help it thrive.
Thanks to Cambridge City Council for helping us buy a Fluke TiR thermal camera and later a Fluke TiR105.