Thermal Imaging Training & Surveying

Helen Taylour TI (640x428)In the colder months CCF offers training sessions for volunteer surveyors in using our 2 Thermal Imaging Cameras and interpreting their images to enable them to survey homes of friends & family and others who’ve requested a survey.

When trained, you can arrange to borrow a camera and do surveys, revealing problems with poor insulation, drafts, etc.  Some problems are easy for the householder to fix and some need further professional help and advice.

Significant energy savings are often made by fixing these problems, cutting energy bills and carbon emissions.

Register your interest in a thermal imaging training session: email
or phone 01223 301842.
There may be a session listed in our Upcoming Events.

Thanks to  Cambridge City Council, who helped CCF buy a Fluke TiR thermal camera in 2009, which has been used extensively since to conduct thermal imaging surveys since. In 2013 another grant enabled CCF to purchase a second camera, a Fluke TiR105.

Thermal camera training is currently an unfunded project. Please consider if you can make a donation to help us provide this service.

RESOURCES for Thermal Imaging