Thermal Imaging Software

Power to improve your images, if you want…

You don’t have to use any software (except an app on your phone, if you have a Flir One).
You can view and share your thermal images on any device that can display photos, providing (with Fluke cameras) that you take your thermal images in jpg or bmp format, not IS2.

With software you can make your images more vivid and informative in how they show building problems. You can retrospectively adjust the colour palette or the temperature range of the colours and add temperature markers, etc.

Fluke LogoFluke’s SmartView is useful software for enhancing their IS2 thermal images, adjusting colour representation of temperature, adding temperature markers and much more. Free downloads for Windows.  No Mac support.

Smartview only works with Fluke’s proprietary *.IS2 format images that contain all the image data, infrared and visible. You have to select this format on the camera, before taking images if you want to use SmartView and then use SmartView to export those images into *.jpg format to use them with other applications.

Version 3.2.1 has a downloadable manual. Page 3 of this CCF handout describes the basics.



Flir use a better ‘Radiometric jpg‘ format, containing all the image data, which can be opened by the software below and by normal photo software.
Flir offer a range of software:

Basic, free Android or iOS apps to run on smartphones or tablets connected to Flir One: search Play Store or iTunes for Flir One. Their PDF User Guide  (2nd generation) describes software features. These apps are well-designed and may be all you need with a Flir One. They let you select: Colour Palette, Auto/locked, spot meter & close-ups.  Stills, Video, Timelapse video & Panorama, etc.
Sharing images to the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) or by email is convenient for showing them on other devices.

Flir Tools Mobile provides free, powerful, imaging software on Android or iOS devices. It works directly with Flir-One and also with Radiometric jpgs from other Flir cameras. It offers good control of colour representation of temperature, markers, logging, reports, etc

Flir Tools for PC or Mac is sophisticated free software with all that the mobile version offers, plus more.
A computer is convenient, if you have a lot of images to deal with.

There are several independent Flir One Apps, produced using the public Flir One API. eg: TC+ Logo

Thermal Camera+
is a useful intermediate-level Android or iOS  app for stills. You can select  temperature range, max, min & spot temperatures, multi-frame ‘super resolution’, export to Flir Tools Mobile, manual shutter, etc.  it costs ~£2.89, with separate, free trial-versions.


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