Your map to a sustainable North Cambridge

Living sustainably is easier than you might think…

It’s already a part of the fabric of North Cambridge with places and resources to help make achievable changes that can significantly reduce your environmental impact. From food, to stuff, to travel, and home energy, this map will help you find what’s happening locally. We hope it will help reduce your carbon footprint, get you sharing more, wasting less and in touch with like minded people in your community.

There are also a wealth of resources available online. Here are some which might be of interest:


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Freecycle This is a grassroots movement where you can both offer and request items. Membership is free and everything posted has to be free. A wide variety of items are offered and asked for, from furniture, to paving slabs, to TVs.
Local Facebook groups There are multiple local groups on Facebook where you can request things, gift items and offer skills. One great set of these are the Life is a Gift (LIAG) groups which are local and where everything is free. LIAG – Chesterton
LIAG – Arbury
LIAG – Cambridge


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COFCO (Cambridge Organic Food Company) Delivering organic food boxes from local producers. By using local producers, they keep food miles to a minimum and the majority of their delivery vans are now electric. They also save on packaging by reusing the empty boxes some of their veg comes in and will take back your empty box to refill. It’s not just veg boxes they do. You can also get fruit, eggs, bread, dried goods, organic cleaning products… The list goes on!
OLIO OLIO allows individuals and businesses to share surplus food rather than just throw it away. This could be if you’ve bought a multi-pack when you only needed one, realised you’re not going to manage to eat up everything in your fridge before you go on holiday or that the food is nearing its use by. Everything is free and it’s a great way to divert food from landfill.
Too Good To Go This is an app which aims to prevent food waste from independents, chains and hotels. You can order a ‘magic bag’ full of delicious items at a discounted price. They cover the whole of Cambridge, but looking just North Cambridge, you can grab a bargain from Cafe Camtown (4 Buchan Street), Cafe 121 (121 Milton Road) and Cafe Bread & Butter (6 Milton Road).


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CycleStreets UK-wide cycle journey planner system which lets you plan routes from A to B by bike. You have the option to select how fast a cyclist you are (unhurried, cruising or quick) and what type of route you’d prefer (fastest, quietest or balanced). Alongside route details, it also shows you some great information about your route such as the amount of Co2 avoided and the number of traffic lights you’ll encounter.
Borrow a pushchair if you’re cycling into town Don’t let needing a pushchair put you off cycling into town. If you park your bike at the Grand Arcade or Park Street cycle park, you can borrow a pushchair for free from Rutland Cycling and Bicycle Ambulance respectively.
Camcycle (Cambridge Cycling Campaign) Camcycle have a variety of resources on both cycling in general and information specific to Cambridge. They do a lot of important work for cyclists in and around Cambridge through their tireless campaigning work. It’s thanks to them that many of the cycle facilities in Cambridge exist.
Walkit Walkit shows the quickest walking routes around Cambridge, and calculates the carbon emissions you will save and the number of calories you will burn. You can also choose which type of route you’d prefer to walk: direct, less busy or low pollution.
Lift sharing If you have to drive every day, why not consider lift sharing? CamShare (powered by Liftshare) can help set you up with others who do the same commute as you, helping you save the environment and money at the same time. This service isn’t just useful for commuters but can also help with one off journeys, for example if you’re visiting a friend in another city.
Electric car charging Alongside the charging ports on the map, there are also 4 charging ports at Milton Park and Ride. Some charging ports do have restrictions, so it’s always best to check before using them. If you’re unsure where your closest charging point is or you’re planning a journey, Zap Map will be your new best friend.

Home Energy

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Cambs HIA Formally known as Home Aid, this is a home improvement agency which has been set up to assist people living in Cambridge who are in need, for example, the elderly, disabled and those on a low income. They offer both practical and financial advice and support to help people repair, adapt and maintain their homes. To find out if you’re eligible and how they can help, head over to the Council’s website.
Help to Heat small grant If you receive benefits or have a low income and are a homeowner or private tenant, you can apply for grants to improve or install a variety of things to make your home cosier. Things you will be able to do include cavity wall insulation, replacement doors and secondary glazing.
Renewable Heat Incentive If you have a renewable or low-carbon heat technology such as solar hot-water heating or a heat pump then you may be eligible for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive.
Simple Energy Advice A great place to go if you’re looking for a personalised overview is Simple Energy Advice. From answering a couple of questions, they are able to show you relevant national and local grants which you might be eligible for. They aren’t just good for this however. They have a wealth of advice and tips about how to reduce your energy bills and make your home warmer and greener.
Switch to a green energy tariff or company This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. There are many green energy suppliers out there and many energy comparison websites. Just make sure when you’re looking that you filter it to ones with green plans.