Save Cash – Save The Planet

SAVE CASH – SAVE THE PLANET is a game designed to be used by community groups interested in raising climate change awareness, for instance at a village fete stall. It is available from Cambridge Carbon Footprint for free, although we would appreciate it if anyone running the game would let us know.

The game challenges people to estimate how much money they would save in a year if they were to undertake six different actions that would also reduce their carbon footprint. These actions cover a range of different household activities – for instance, not filling the kettle; keeping to the speed limit; turning down the thermostat; or not eating meat one day a week.

Over and above having fun playing the game, the main purpose is to engage people in discussions about how they relate to climate change and what they can do to change their lifestyles accordingly. As such there is a Crib Sheet available that you can use to raise discussion points and give people other ideas for possible changes they could make in their lives.

It typically takes people 5 to 10 minutes to complete the game, although this obviously depends how much discussion is generated! We have found that the topic often gets interest from people who haven’t given climate change a lot of thought, and they become intrigued by the link between their carbon footprint and their wallet!

Save Cash game with boy

How To Play The Game

Six possible actions that people could take to reduce their carbon footprint are pictured on Action Boards that are stuck on display boards. Participants are then asked to guess how much money they would save if they undertook each of these actions for a year. People put a Blue Pound card against each Action Board to register their guesses, and you can then use the Green Pound cards to show the correct answers. If you would like to you can record the scores on a leader board – no-one has ever got six out of six so far!

All the resources needed to set up and play the game are available for download from this site. These include:

  • the game graphics (Title Boards, Action Boards, Blue Pound & Green Pound cards) can be downloaded and printed (and then ideally laminated with Velcro strips for attachment to the pin boards)
  • instructions for setting up and playing the game, together with a Crib Sheet with discussion points
  • there are also a selection of generic climate change graphics that you could use to illustrate your stall

Man playing Save Cash Save Planet

Alternatively if you would like to borrow the laminated Title Boards, Action Boards, Blue Pound & Green Pound cards then they are available from the Cambridge Carbon Footprint office. We can also lend you the display boards if you don’t have any of your own.

Finally, if you have any questions about how to set up and play the game then please get in touch. We hope you enjoy playing SAVE CASH – SAVE THE PLANET and would love to hear how you get on. Good Luck!