Consumption and waste

See our project, with other Cambridge organisations, on the circular economy, including reducing consumption and waste: Circular Cambridge

We generate around 290 million tonnes of waste each year in the UK – an average of 263 kg per person. Around 50 per cent collected by local authorities still goes to landfill. These figures are an improvement on previous years – only 11 per cent of household waste was recycled in 2000/01 – but the cost, in terms of wasted resources and environmental damage, is still enormous.

Try to buy only what you need and choose products that can be recycled or will biodegrade. Consider buying second hand. Maintaining and repairing our possessions keeps them in use, as does passing them on through charity shops etc. Finally recycle them well to keep the materials for re-use and out of landfill sites.

Second-hand shopping, Charity shops, Repairs

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Collaborative Consumption

CamLETS: eEnables members to exchange skills by means of a sophisticated barter system
Streetbank: A useful site that helps you share and borrow things from your neighbours. Skills too