Cambridge Carbon Footprint offers a wide range of online and offline resources to support individuals and communities to live sustainably.

Thermal Imaging Guide

Practical information with examples on using Thermal Imaging cameras and interpreting how their images show weaknesses in insulation and draught-proofing of buildings.  Includes more affordable smartphone add-on cameras.


Our food resources include a Directory of Local Food Producers and Retailers, resources to help you grow your own foodrecipes for food made with local ingredients, a seasonal vegetable guide, and sustainable food posters.

Consumption and waste
See our project, with other Cambridge organisations, on the circular economy, including reducing consumption and waste: Circular Cambridge

Home energy

There’s much we can do to make our homes more sustainable, often at low cost and with relatively little effort.  See our Project Open Eco Homes  about visits and resources including home details and case studies, including key features, costs of work, environmental savings, product information and professional contacts.

Travel and transport

For the average person living in the UK, travel accounts for around 14 per cent of their annual carbon footprint. Our travel and transportation resources cover walking, cycling, buses, trains, bio-diesel, rideshares and carpools, and sustainable delivery services.

Save Cash – Save the Planet

A game designed to be used by community groups interested in raising climate change awareness, for instance at a village fete stall –  available from Cambridge Carbon Footprint for free