Our projects

CCF has a number of different active projects, covering sustainable food, home energy, consumption and climate change communication. Our projects are open to all and are designed to be inspiring, engaging and rewarding. To find out more about our projects, or to join in our activities, email info@cambridgecarbonfootprint.org or contact the office on 01223 301842.

Getting started – Carbon Conversations and beyond

A course of six engaging meetings in which participants address climate change in a different way, focusing on values, emotions, lifestyle and identity as well as the basic facts of emissions. Follow-on activities include: Continuing Carbon Converations and book groups.

Open Eco Homes

An annual eco-renovation event that aims to show how simple behaviour changes, as well as low energy measures, can reduce energy and water consumption, saving money on bills, whilst benefiting the environment.

Food Challenges

Our various food challenges encourage participants to think about the contribution food makes to climate change. Past challenges included: Eating Local, 5:2 Good Food, Eating Well on a Budget, and Eating Vegan. There are regular opportunities for participants share experiences, ideas and tips via the challenge blog and bring-and-share meals.

Outreach activities

CCF works with a wide variety of community groups, delivering workshops and talks on climate change communication and aspects of low carbon living. We provide film showings and facilitated discussions. We run regular stalls at events in, and around, Cambridge.

peas logo greenFood for a Greener Future

This series of sustainable food events originally ran from November 2013 to March 2014. Consisting of a posh dinner party at Fitzbillies, a couple of food challenges, a film viewing and bring-and-share meal, and finally the Food for a Greener Future Conference.