Outreach team speaker

Role title: Outreach Team Speaker
Reporting to: Outreach Group Co-ordinator
Principle function: To conduct workshops and give talks about climate change, carbon reduction and the work of CCF
Expenses: Agreed in advance expenses reimbursed
Location: At various venues in and around Cambridge
Days and hours: Typically two to three occasions per year (but see ‘Additional Notes’ below).Typically events last up to two hours, but planning time will also be needed.
Duration (on-going or fixed period): On going
Description of the Role:
  • To represent CCF and ideas about low carbon living to the public. The formats of events vary but typically two members of the Outreach Group work together to present some factual material about carbon footprints and discuss pros and cons of low carbon living with participants.
  • CCF contributes workshops to Cambridge University Science Festival and Festival of Ideas and also receives invitations from community groups, schools and businesses to talk about climate change and low carbon living.
The benefits and/or difference the volunteers commitment will bring: Volunteers will contribute importantly to encouraging sustainable living in Cambridge. The events enable participants to appreciate why low carbon living is important, what it involves and that it can be rich and satisfying.
Skills and/or qualifications and experience required:
  • Some experience in teaching or public speaking
  • Knowledge of basic facts about climate change and carbon footprints.
  • Understanding of the CCF psychologically grounded approach to the issues, as derived, for example, from doing Carbon Conversations.
Training required and support offered:
  • General CCF volunteer induction
  • Two or three trainings sessions with existing Outreach Team members will enable volunteers to understand the CCF approach and to practice delivering a workshop.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to devise their own materials if they wish, but outline plans of previous events, and collections of relevant slides are available.
  • Mentoring can be provided.
Any additional notes or information: An Outreach Speaker can agree with the Co-ordinator how frequently he or she would be happy to be called on.

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