Meet our trustees

Cambridge Carbon Footprint's trustees jointly steer the charity's strategy and policy. Most of us have other CCF roles, depending on our skills, interests and availability.

Sarah Whitebread - Chair

Sarah Whitebread (236x290)Sarah joined CCF as Trustee in 2015. She works at the RSPB in their Parliamentary team, trying to persuade politicians to take action to create a world richer in nature. Before this Sarah was actively involved in local politics for many years as a County Councillor and as Campaign Director for the former MP Julian Huppert.

“As with many others I first came across CCF when I took part in a Carbon Conversations course in 2008. I found the course eye opening and many of the lessons have stayed with me. I really value CCF’s community based, supportive approach – enabling people to take positive action to reduce their carbon footprint. I’m looking forward to doing what I can to help.”

Bev Sedley

Bev SedleyBev became a trustee in 2009. She is responsible for Carbon Conversations, Low Carbon Network, outreach activities, events and fundraising. She is also line manager to CCF staff. Bev is retired, having worked with local mental health charity Lifecraft for 14 years, as co-founder, chair, and manager. Bev has a degree in German from Oxford University and an MPhil in Linguistics and worked at the Bell School of Languages as a teacher-trainer for many years.

"Having been incredibly impressed by Carbon Conversations some years ago, I became a volunteer because I was (and am) very excited about creating a low carbon community."

Katharine Smith

Katharine 1Katharine joined CCF as a trustee in 2013. She's a qualified Domestic Energy and Green Deal Adviser. She's currently employed in sustainability within a Suffolk local authority and is co-leading the county's approach to Green Deal as well as focusing on reducing fuel poverty and improving the thermal efficiency of new and existing housing stock.

I've had an interest in the environment and climate change many years and in 2008 I decided to make this my career and now focus on carbon reduction, fuel poverty and sustainability. Recently I bought my own ecohouse in Cambridge which has had a major impact on reducing my own carbon consumption as well as becoming a one car household".

William McVey, Treasurer

William has been involved with CCF as an Open Eco Homes host (Rathmore Road).
He's now retired following many years working as an accountant in the not-for-profit sector. He spent 13 years as the accountant at Darwin College in the University of Cambridge. For four years he then travelled the world as Secretary for Finance & Stewardship with the Council for World Mission.
After this, he became the Accountant for The Perse School in Cambridge and subsequently worked as Bursar of three theological training colleges - Westcott House, Wesley House and the Eastern Region Ministry Course. Then for 7 years William managed the finances of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. William now occupies some of his time a trustee of a number of local charities in and around Cambridge.

Libby Peachey

Libby joined CCF as a trustee in 2019. She has worked in research administration at Cambridge University for several years and helped to coordinate a Climate Histories research network and interdisciplinary seminar series. She has been involved in the planning and management of several research projects with an environmental focus and recently completed an environmental studies programme with the OU. ‘With the urgency and complexity of issues that drive action and inaction in addressing the effects of climate change, I am keen to be contribute towards change at the local level. Several years ago I borrowed a thermal imaging camera and electricity monitor to assess my own domestic energy use and am keenly aware of the importance of supporting such initiatives and extending their reach.’

Jane Heal

Jane-Heal CropJane's lived in Cambridge since 1986 and been concerned about climate issues for most of that time, becoming a trustee in 2013.

"Joining in a Carbon Conversations group in 2009 was a wonderfully encouraging and educative experience. Coming to understand both more about where our lifestyles produce carbon and also more about the psychological barriers to lifestyle change was very empowering. Since then I've done the facilitators' training and been involved in facilitating several groups in Cambridge. I've also enjoyed contributing to CCF's Outreach work, helping with workshops and discussions on low carbon living for community groups and students."

Tom Bragg

Tom 1 (109x120)Tom found Carbon Conversations so engaging in 2007 that he wanted to do more with CCF.  After retiring as an engineer with the worker co-op, Delta-T Devices, he became a CCF Trustee, as chair for a long time, and is much involved in CCF's management. He’s passionate about the need for low carbon homes, helps organise Open Eco Homes and is a thermal-imaging trainer.

“I enjoy collaborating with so many people in CCF towards a common goal. I like its powerful combination of communicating reliable information, together with a focus on why we each find some low-carbon changes difficult and how to creatively overcome that"

Nicole Dang

Nicole became a Trustee in 2019. Having spent a decade in the legal sector as a linguist, Nicole recently re-trained as a Research Psychologist. She is a keen Eco-Minimalist & completed a whole-house retrofit on her own home in 2016, thereby reducing her home energy use by an estimated 70%.

I first discovered CCF at a Thermal Imaging training session one cold winter evening in 2015. This gave me a really useful baseline prior to my planned retrofit. As someone who admires the transformative power of clever design solutions, the Open Eco Homes are an absolute delight! In my new role as a Trustee, I hope to  support CCF's  work towards building a resilient, healthy & low carbon community."

Clare Watters

Clare has been working in the environmental sector for over 10 years, after taking an MSc in Architecture: Energy Efficiency and the Environment.  Clare has worked predominantly for environmental charities and has focused mainly on supporting businesses to become more sustainable, as well as working for Waterwise, supporting the construction of water-efficient housing.

I first became aware of CCF via their Open Eco Homes project.  I like their fresh approach and am looking forward to using my experience engaging businesses and encouraging “green” behaviours in individuals to support CCF to continue their valuable work.”