Meet our staff

The Cambridge Carbon Footprint staff are responsible for the day-to-day running of the charity. The Management Group meets regularly.

Here are our key staff members and their views of why they enjoy being part of Cambridge Carbon Footprint:

Nicole Barton - Volunteer and Events Organiser

Nicole croppedNicole Barton joined Cambridge Carbon Footprint in January 2014 as our Volunteer and Events Organiser. Nicole has significant experience working in the not for profit sector engaging volunteers and supporters and organising events both big and small. We're really looking forward to seeing what Nicole's experience will bring to CCF!

"I was attracted to Cambridge Carbon Footprint's solutions focussed, practical and non-judegemental approach to encouraging people to live more climate friendly lives. I am passionate about promoting volunteering because it can allow ordinary people to do amazing things. Great events matter because though the long march to real change may start with the first steps and choices that we take as individuals,  the issues are complex and challenging so dealing with them as a group can be motivating, fun and inspiring." 

Alana Sinclair - Manager

Alana Sinclair headshotAlana Sinclair joined as our Coordinator in November 2012. She'd been volunteering in the office, helping with events, and doing Carbon Conversations - together with her experience with public engagement in recycling and doing a Masters in Sustainability in her native Australia - you can tell why we wanted to work with her!

"I'm interested in finding and promoting ways of living which are good for both people and the planet. I'm firmly of the belief that moving towards sustainability is an opportunity for positive change and I'm really pleased to have the opportunity to work with others who believe this just as passionately as I do!"