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Underfloor-YesGet Snug with Under-floor Insulation

Tom & Anne Bragg’s experience of insulating under their ground floors, including:

  • your choice of techniques
  • DIY or with professional help
  • Practical detail for DIY

Tom’s Aug’13 article  See comments here on Green Building Forum
 Anne’s newer method, lifting a floorboard every 1.2m

Another professional method is Retrovive from Devana Insulation.  They take up some floorboards, suspend a net “hammock” under the floor between them, into which they blow Warmcel cellulose insulation.

Keeping Cool in a Heatwave 3 part article with practical advice

DIY Awnings Awnings (330x500)

Tom Bragg &Anne Miller describe DIY awnings that can easily be put up and taken down, as needed.  They provide shade for south-facing windows, making the rooms inside much more comfortable.
They may even give you some shade outside too.

Download the description

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