Food Blog Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to contribute to our sustainable food blog on a regular basis. Our goal is to expand the blog to include a large variety of different food-related issues that our readers might be interested in.

We’re looking for someone who…

  • Is interested in low-carbon living, particularly food
  • Enjoys writing and can commit to writing regular pieces for the blog (such as once a week/fortnight/month)
  • Perhaps has a blog about low-impact living or a company that upholds these values and would be interested to do a regular or one-off guest blog post

Suggested topics:

  • Doing profiles of or interviews with: local growers/producers, market stalls, shops, restaurants/cafes
  • Discussions/definitions of food related hot topics such as:
    • Organic
    • Local
    • Low carbon
    • Veganism/vegetarianism
    • Food footprints/miles
    • GMO
    • Water
    • Food labelling
    • Soil Association
    • Seasonal food
    • Food production
    • Food waste
    • Grow-your-own
    • Fair trade
    • Real food on a budget
    • Veggie box schemes
    • Sustainable farming
    • True cost of food
    • Food science
    • Food economics
  • You could respond or create a discussion about relevant articles in newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, radio, films/documentaries etc.
  • Be aware of movements or significant events around the world (such as World Environment Day) and raise awareness in the CCF community
  • Discuss local food: what’s available, who grows it, how to buy/find it, how to prepare it, recipes, etc.
  • Be aware of local food events (festivals, tastings, new restaurants/cafes, fruit picking) before they occur and if possible go along to see what it’s all about


If you are interested or passionate about any of these topics, or if you have a brilliant idea of your own, then please email our blog coordinator at to get involved.