The Human Library

The Human Library

Build your confidence to create your own cosy home by ‘borrowing’ a ‘book’ at our human library event! The human library format is great for discussing 1:1 queries and getting personal advice.The event will include installers, experts and Open Eco Home owners with a variety of experience, ideas and expertise relevant for all kinds of home builds and retrofits.

Such as: 

Check back soon for a full list of the available books.

Also available on the night will be free copies of the Cosy Cambridge handbook, a guide to creating a cosier home, as well as a selection of stalls, and refreshments.

Curious how a Human Library works?

Each person sharing experience or advice becomes a ‘book’ in the Human Library. ‘Books’ each have their own area with a couple of seats for guests to sit down and talk. As they enter each guest is given a list of all available ‘books’ and are able to browse around the ‘library’, selecting who they would like to speak to.

There’s no minimum time for visitors when speaking to a ‘book’, but 10 minutes is the maximum for one person. Our librarian will ring a bell every 10 minutes to help keep time.

Event Details

02/11/2017 - 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
St Barnabas Church
Mill Road
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