Eating Well on a Budget

According to supermarket giant Morrisons, the average weekly food budget for a student is approximately £21. But what does a budget of £21 per week really buy you? Is it possible to eat well-balanced meals using local, sustainably-sourced produce on this budget?

How does it work?

Participants aim to eat local, sustainably-sourced food for four weeks:

  • Food should be seasonal, and ideally produced locally (i.e. within East Anglia)
  • Food should be ‘sustainable’ (see Sustain’s definition here)
  • Food should be fresh (i.e. unprocessed, unrefined) where possible; common exceptions may include: canned tomatoes, dried beans and pulses, and cereals
  • It is OK to use food that you already have in your cupboards, as long as you replace it

There are regular opportunities during the challenge for participants to meet up and share experiences, ideas and tips. In addition, participants are invited to share their experiences via the Eating Well on a Budget blog.

What are the benefits?

  • Explore the contribution food makes to climate change
  • Experience the amazing diversity of our local, seasonal produce
  • Learn where to shop for tasty, local food
  • Explore what makes food ‘sustainable’
  • Make new friends – join our regular bring-and-share meals!

Quotes from recent participants:

The challenge really made me think about how much I ate and what I really needed to have an enjoyable, nutritious diet. I actually felt healthier during this four weeks, as I never over-ate (and ate less meat), and I found I had more energy.” (Bev)

What next?

Join the conversation about sustainable food

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Join the challenge!

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