Join our EAT Vegan! challenge

Whether you are an aspiring vegan, or just curious to find out more about the benefits of adopting a plant-based diet, why not join our first EAT Vegan! challenge. No meat, dairy or other animal products for one week. How hard can it be…?

The challenge will start on Monday 25 February, but of course you’ll need to plan ahead for success! You can find some useful links on vegan eating on the resources section of our website to help you get started. We will also host a bring-and-share vegan meal / social during the challenge at 7pm on Friday 1 March for all participants.

Already vegan? We would love to hear from you with practical ideas and mouthwatering vegan recipes that we can share with challenge participants.

Email: to take part in the challenge, or to share your top tips and ideas.