Cambridge Sustainable Food

Eat C photos Sue WCambridge Sustainable Food (formerly hosted by CCF but now an independent organisation) is a network of individuals and organisations (public, private and community groups) that have come together to promote sustainable food in Cambridge. Membership is free to those who support our aims; members receive a monthly e-newsletter, which contains not only CSF news but also local food news and events, campaigns and links to useful sustainable food articles. We have developed a Sustainable Food Charter with the help of our members, including Cambridge City Council, and during Autumn/Winter  2014/15 will be working on an Action Plan to put into practice the principles of the charter. Organisational members will be promoted in our newsletter and on our website if they wish.(The website
is currently being developed.)

revised food charterCSF is a member of the national Sustainable Food Cities Network. We have chosen four key issues to work on during 2014 and 2015:

• Food waste
• Healthy and sustainable diets
• Food poverty
• Developing a food hub for Cambridge

Please get in touch if you are interested in joining one of these sub-groups.

Phone: 07773 862982
Twitter: @FoodCambridge
Facebook: Cambridge Sustainable Food