Cambridge Carbon Footprint works to raise awareness of climate change issues and to support people in moving to low-carbon living.

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Volunteer, collaborate, come along to an event or access useful resources on climate change, and sustainable living in and around Cambridge. There's lots to see, learn and do.

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Circular Cambridge

Events and activities exploring progressive ways to design, manufacture, access, repair and reuse the things that we want and need in our lives. Tackling throw-away culture together.

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Open Eco Homes

The best FREE advice from local householders and experts. 2 days of householder led tours and 5 home improvement workshop across a month. Bringing your dream eco home one step closer.

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What they say about us

The people that work in the shop said they will miss him (my robot) as people walking passed wanted selfies with him. He started great communication with people passing by and the shop staff.


Artist in the CirculART Trail

Absolutely great to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at [my sewing machine]… It saved me money and the planet.


Repairee at Ely’s first Repair Café

A great opportunity to exhibit and be part of promoting creativity through reuse.

Artist in the CirculART Trail

I was so please that I was able to get my hairdryer fixed at the Repair Café. It really made me think about the impact that getting just one thing repaired can have.

Repairee at the World’s Biggest Repair Cafe

The event had an amazing energy and it felt empowering coming together as a community to make a difference.


Repairee at the World’s Biggest Repair Cafe

It’s impartial, unbiased advice from peers.


Open Eco Homes visitor

Inspirational visit and thought-provoking use of new technology and affordable devices to save energy.

Open Eco Homes visitor

Thank you for making me part of this incredible team. It was short but unforgettable… you’ve inspired me.

CCF Volunteer

Thank you so much for having me there at the event, it was such a wonderful thing to be part of and I had a warm fuzzy feeling for long after. It even prompted a very interesting 2 hour conversation with my children on Sunday morning!

Attendee at the World’s Biggest Repair Cafe

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