CCF in the media

Here you can find a selection of articles about Cambridge Carbon Footprint in the press.
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Virtual Repair Cafés announcement
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, 13 May, Chris Mann 

Open Eco Homes and Repair Cafés online,
Cam FM, 8 May, from 33:15 - Tom Bragg with Antoinette Nestor

Cambridge Repair Cafés go online to help bring items back to life in lockdown
Cambridge Independent, 4 May - Andy Veale


Fix your old stuff and help the environment at a Repair Café
South Cambs Magazine, page 21, Winter 2019

Shop Well for Less, Series 4, Episode 4, featuring Soham Repair Café
BBC One, 30 October 2019

Cambridge Remakery
New in Cambridge, Rosemary Talbot, 7 October

Funding will help district clothes swap
Cambridge Independent, 2 October

Swishing is coming to Histon!
HISIMP News, Nicole Barton, September

Plans for a permanent Cambridge Repair Cafe
Cambridge Independent 18 September Andy Veale

Home Hub: Green Living
Velvet Magazine 29 August Alice Ryan

Kind act that is helping transform many lives
Cambridge Independent 21 August Allan Shepherd

Opening homes to help meet city's zero-carbon challenge
Cambridge Independent 7 August

Join the Fashion for Quality Clothes and Recycling
Cambridge Independent 17 July Tom Bragg

Driving forward the changes for a greener future
Cambridge Independent, 15 May, Alana Sinclair

Tackling fast fashion and the over consumption of clothes through swishes. Interview with Claire Mackenzie (interview is at 02:10:57)
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, 11 May, Charlie Thompson

Feedback from Linton's Repair Cafe organiser
28 April, Paul Richardson

Climate change and low carbon living. Interview with Nicole Barton and Tom Bragg (interview is at 1.10)
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, 3 April, Chris Mann

Crowdfunding for a zero waste service
Cambridge Independent, 20 March, Emma Thomas

MP visits cafe that aims to fix the world
Cambridge News, 19 March, Alistair Ryder

All fixed at Brown's Field Centre
Cambridge Independent, 20 February

Following the climate example shown by the teens
Cambridge Independent, 20 February, Kirsten Russell

New mosque and K1 open for tours
Cambridge Independent, 13 February

Swap, repair and share at free event
Cambridge Independent, 6 February

Climate change to take centre stage at festival
Cambridge News, 6 February, Fiona Leishman

Sharing, repairing and reusing are reasons to be positive
Cambridge Independent, 16 January, Nicole Barton


Cambridge Carbon Footprint and Veganuary
Cambridge 105, 20 December, Tom Bragg with Neil Whiteside

Changing Diet can help save the Earth
Cambridge Independent, 19 December, Anne Miller

The art of sustainable fashion
Cambridge Independent, 21 November, Adrian Peel

Vital journey has to start somewhere
Cambridge Independent, 21 November, Alana Sinclair

Cambridge to host 'sustainable fashion' festival
BBC, 17 November

Have you heard of clothes that grow with you?
Cambridge News, 8 November, Alistair Ryder

Sustainable Fashion Festival Comes to Cambridge
That's TV, November 2018

Cambridge Fashion Brand Encourages Sustainable Sourcing
That's TV, November 2018

Fashion of the Future
Velvet Magazine, November

Sustainable Fashion Festival in Diary Dates
Velvet Magazine, November

Fashion Show Aiming to Halt Throwaway Culture
Cambridge Independent, 17 October, Nicole Barton

Cambridge's First Sustainable Fashion Festival
The North Cambridge Community Newsletter, Autumn Winter, Issue 4

Where's our right to low-energy affordable homes?
Cambridge Independent, 19 September, Allan Shepherd

Eco Homes open up to public
Cambridge News, 31 August, Alistair Ryder

New Homes can be awful at dealing with the Heat
Cambridge Independent, 18 July, Tom Bragg

See the impact of pollution in our seas with reef artwork
Cambridge Independent, 13 June 

Reduce your carbon footprint this summer
Cambridge 105 Radio, 17 May, Tom Bragg with Daniel Baker 

Turning textile recycling into an art form
Cambridge Independent, 16 May, Jenny Langley 

We must get hotter on homes
Cambridge Independent, 21 March, Tom Bragg

The Arbury Swap Collect and Fix-Fest
The North Cambridge Community Newsletter, Spring 

Revived at the cafe
Cambridge Independent, 21 February, Gemma Gardner

Take a Glimpse at the Future of our Planet
Cambridge News, 14 February

Repairs and swaps are key to event
Cambridge Independent, February

Repair Cafe Smashes World Record
Whizz Pop Bang, Issue 31, February

Save a fortune on your weekly shop... while you're saving the planet! How to become more environmentally-minded and cut your bills at the same time
- Alternative Link
The Mail on Sunday, 28 January, Toby Walne


Going for Green
Cambridge News, Alice Ryan, 18 September 2015

Open Eco Homes Tom Bragg interviewed
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, Chris Mann, 18 September 2015

Local MP supports green homes
Cambridge network, 16 September 2015

Going for Green
Cambridge Magazine, Alice Ryan, August 2015

Landfill is Failure   Tom Bragg interviewed
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: Breakfast Show, Dotty Mcleod, 13 July 2015

Chucking Stuff Away  Tom Bragg interviewed
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: Breakfast Show, Paul Stainton, 10 July 2015

What Can we Learn from a Wartime Diet?
Cambridge Edition, Jenny Shelton, 29 June 2015

Cambridge charity to hold Second World War 'ration challenge'
Cambridge News, Eleanor Dickin, 28 May 2015

Communities Going Green
Sunday Times, Sarah Lonsdale, 22 February 2015


Cambridge Hub Students' Social Innovation Programme (incl CCF)
Cambridge News, 02 December 2014

Open Eco Homes Events
Cambridge Matters, Autumn 2014

Open Eco Homes  Tom & Anne Bragg and Ian Collins interviewed
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: Breakfast Show, Dotty McLeod, 11 September 2014

Cambridge homes are going eco
Cambridge News, Mike Scialom, 06 September 2014

Eco Homes
Cambridge Edition, Charlotte Abrahams, September 2014

Cycle Cinema
Cambridge 105: Drive, Julian Clover with Nicole Barton, 17 June 2014

Action on Energy + Open Eco Homes
Cambridge Matters, Summer 2014

Green Food
Julian Cottee, David Cebon, Graeme Maidment and Marie-Ann Ha, 2014

Naked Scientists,
Cambridge University,
Dr Chris Smith, Ginny Smith, 2014

Food For a Greener Future - Bev Sedley
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: Breakfast Show, Jane Smith, 08 February 2014

Food For a Greener Future - Bev Sedley, Jacky-Sutton-Adam & Tine Roche
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: Drive Time with Chris Mann, Chris Mann, 06 February 2014

Food for a Greener Future Conference" - Bev Sedley
Cambridge 105, Linda Ness, 2014

Discover more about sustainable food at Cambridge conference
Cambridge News, Lydia Fallon, 21 January 2014


Green houses: Lowering your carbon footprint starts at home
The Guardian Money section - Front-page leader article, Terry Macalister, 18 June 2011

Green property: electricity-generating panels
The Telegraph, Sarah Lonsdale, 13 June 2011

The eco entrepreneurs
Cambridgeshire Agenda
, June 2011

City’s eco-homes open their doors
News & Crier
, 19 May 2011

Eco homes will open doors on helping to save planet
Cambridge News,
17 May 2011

Green Goings On
Cambridgeshire Agenda
, 10 May 2011


Green property: Open Eco Homes
The Telegraph, 16 June 2010

Visit to AC Architects
Argyle Street Housing Co-operative, 02 March 2010


12 Bright Ideas for a Zero Carbon Cambridge
Robert MacCormack

Restart Radio: breaking the world record for community repair
Podcast of Ugo and Jon from The Restart Project talking to Nicole Barton of CCF

Tips for a greener (& less stressful) Christmas
Cambridge Independent, Alana Sinclair, 15 November 2017

Record Breaking repairers breathe new life into 230 items
Cambridge Independent, 15 November 2017

World record success for Cambridge 'repair cafe' aiming to reduce landfill
ITV News, Anglia, Emily Knight, 14 November 2107  -see video report at bottom

Crafters kick off the festive season in Melbourn
Royston Crow, Bianca Wild, 14 November 2017

The World's Biggest Repair Cafe
Wesley Methodist Church, Cambridge, 11 November 2017

Repair Café World Record Attempt - Tom Bragg interviewed
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire with Charlie Thompson, 11 November 2107

Cambridge Carbon Footprint attempting to hold the world’s biggest repair café
Cambridge Network, 6 November 2017

World's Biggest Repair Café 
The Abingtons,  3 November 2017

World's Biggest Repair Cafe
Cambridge Independent, Nicole Barton, 18 October 2017

MP visits Mosque (on OEH tour)
Cambridge Independent, 18 October 2017 

Inside Cambridge Eco Homes
That's Cambridge TV, 8 October 2017

Tour City's New Eco-Mosque Site
Cambridge News, Raymond Brown, 6 October 2017

Cohousing scheme and Treehouse Open Doors
Cambridge Independent, Adrian Peel, 4 October 2017 

Opinion: Housing Crisis and Open Eco Homes
Cambridge Independent, Allan Shepherd, 20 September 2017 

That's Cambridge, 30 June 2017

Charity call for accountant
Cambridge News, Nicole Barton, 24 June 2017

Neil Whiteside: CirculART Cambridge Trail
Cambridge 105
, 09 June 2017

Creating art out  of things everyday folks leave behind
Cambridge Independent, Andy Veale, 14 June 2017

Signs of optimism for Sir David on Earth Day
Cambridge News, Hannah Mirsky, 24 April 2017

Sir David Attenborough was in Cambridge yesterday - at an event that inspired more than 1,000 people
Cambridge News, 23 April 2017

A factory that makes homes among ideas to improve life in Cambridgeshire
Cambridge News, 01 April 2017

Pop-up repair cafe gives new lease of life to South Cambridgeshire residents’ items
Cambridge Independent, 16 January 2017

Repair cafés hailed a success in South Cambridgeshire
Cambridge News, 15 January 2017


CirculART - Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Stuff
CommunityChannelTV, 08 December 2016

The City's Circular Festival
Cambridge Independent, Nicole Barton, 09 November 2016

Open Eco Homes host Nicola Terry interviewed
Sunday Times, Sarah Lonsdale, 30 October 2016

OEH event in September
Cambridge Matters,
Autumn 2016

Insipring eco homes
Clean Slate,
Allan Shepherd, Autumn 2016

Open Eco Homes
Cambridge Edition,
September 2016

Open Eco Homes Tom Bragg interviewed
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, Chris Mann, 18 September 2016

Home owners open doors for glimpse of a greener future
Cambridge News, 07 September 2016

Circular Cambridge
Cambridge Matters,
Summer 2016

Have you got an old electrical item that has lost its spark?
SouthCambs Magazine,
Summer 2016

Don't dump that kettle!
Cambridge News,
11 July 2016

Histon and Impington's very first repair cafe, Saturday 18th June
June 2016


A celebration of local food at Fitzbillies -  the launch of Food for a Greener Future
Cambridge News, 12 November 2013

Local Food and Fitzbillies celebration- Joss Cutler
Cambridge 105, Linda Ness, November 2013

Cambridge 105 - Alana Sinclair of Cambridge Carbon Footprint talks about Open Eco Homes with Julian Clover, 15 June. Click here to listen to / download the podcast.

Sustainable Food - with help from Cambridge Carbon Footprint
Cambridge News, 04 June 2013

Eco home
Sawston Scene, June 2013

Local MP supports green homes
Cambridge News, 04 June 2013

Food that's fast and sustainable!
Cambridge News, 18 April 2013

CCF stages recycled fashion shoot
Cambridge News, 10 April 2013

Runaway Recycle
Style Magazine (p34-35), April 2013

A confirmed meat-eater tries going vegan
Cambridge News, 12 March 2013

Stephanie on Second Hand Style
Radio 105, 12 March 2013

Open Eco-Homes
Cambridge Edition, March 2013

Go swishing with Cambridge Carbon Footprint
Cambridge News, 26 February 2013


Trumpington residents take the lead in home energy saving
Cambridge News, Lydia Fallon, 08 November 2012

Origins and a few confessions
Cambridge News, 09 October 2012

Eco living: how to save food and reduce waste
The Telegraph, Sarah Lonsdale, 11 September 2012

Take a tour of Cambridge's most eco-friendly gardens
Cambridge News, 06 July 2012

Green living: a floating eco-home
The Telegraph, Sarah Lonsdale, 15 May 2012

Cambridge 105 - Eco homeowner and architect Jeremy Ashworth and Helen Karapandzic of Cambridge Carbon Footprint talk to Roger Frost about Open Eco Homes, 05 May 2012. Click here to listen to / download the podcast

Cambridge 105 - Helen Karapandzic of Cambridge Carbon Footprint talks about 'Eating Local' with Alan Alder, 17 April 2012. Click here to listen to / download the podcast

A tour of Cambridge's eco homes
Cambridge News, 12 April 2012

Gone Swishing
Style Magazine,
April 2012

Is it possible to eat well on a budget of just £21?
Cambridge News
, Ella Walker, 22 March 2012

How to be green and stay sane
The Sunday Telegraph
, Sarah Lonsdale, 27 February 2012

Bev Sedley of Cambridge Carbon Footprint talks about "Eating Local"
Radio Cambridgeshire, Liz Rhodes, 13 February 2012

The 30-mile diet: eating local, eating green
Cambridge News
, 17 January 2012