WWII Food Rationing Challenge – trying a rationed diet for a week or more in June


Why a rationing challenge?
green ration book2015 is the 70 year anniversary marking the end of WWII. It is an opportunity to remember some of the hardships that people endured in their daily lives during and after the wartime years. Rationing in Britain was unpopular, in other countries food shortages and rationing were a matter of life and death.

A rather surprising outcome of rationing in Britain was that despite the queues, shortages and lack of variety, people were healthier during the war years than they are today! They consumed less meat and dairy products and fewer processed and out of season foods.

Learning from the past
This food challenge explores the common ground between a diet from the forties/fifties and eating sustainably today. Our current consumption of meat and dairy, processed goods, out of season fruit and veg and foods that are flown in from all around the world have a huge impact on our carbon emissions – it’s estimated that an eye watering 30% are linked to food.

The challenge will share tips on making the most of everything. Very little food went to waste during the war years.

How it works
The challenge offers a window of opportunity to try returning to a diet largely based on seasonal fruit and veg, grains and pulses. Participants won’t be expected to only eat the types of food available in 1945 and you can eat as much as you like of non-rationed foods. It does challenge you however to stick to the correct quantities for any rationed foods e.g. cheese 2oz, sugar 8oz, 1 egg etc. You can choose whether to take part for a week, a fortnight or for the whole month. The challenge will run throughout June, with participants joining us at any point for between one week and the entire month. We’d love groups of friends, family, colleagues and interest groups to try it together as a team. Each person will have their own ration book to guide them through, and more resources will be available online and via Facebook. Click here to find out more and request your ration book.

Launch event
On Tues 2nd June we will be hosting a launch event (click here for more information) for people interested in the period, the issues and taking part. You will be able to collect your ration book on the night.

No booking required, free event.

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