Vegan Challenge – Week 2

Ann and Ian

We decided to take part in the 5:2 Challenge as we are trying to reduce our consumption of meat, and we felt that this would give us the incentive we needed to explore alternatives.

The first week was easy, because we had a vegetarian friend staying with us, so meat was out of the question. On the Tuesday of week 2, an outing was arranged to The Alexandra Arms, where Jennie and Sam are cooking vegan meals on Mondays and Tuesdays for six weeks. Wonderful, tasty food, with lots of choice – tofu and chestnut mushroom pie, chick pea curry, refried beans, vegan sausages.

Friday was our second meat-free day, and Ian was in charge in the kitchen. He produced a potato, leek and pea pie, with vegan vegetable stock gravy, served with steamed carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. The pastry was made with olive oil, but rapeseed works just as well, and the potatoes were pre-boiled and the leeks sautéed before being put in the pie. Unfortunately it had disappeared before I remembered to find the camera!

So in week 2 we managed two almost vegan days, except for butter on the breakfast toast, and a small portion of feta cheese with a lunchtime salad.

17th March 2014

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