Booking a thermal imaging camera

1. Check the calendars below to see when the cameras are free.

2. Make note of which camera you would like to book and on which dates you would like to book it. We ask that wherever possible, and certainly during busy times borrowers limit their borrowing time to 2-3 days unless it’s for multiple surveys.

3. To book, email with which camera you would like to book and the dates you would like to book it for. Or phone the CCF office on 01223 301842.

Please note:

The camera is available to be picked up and dropped off from the CCF office Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Sometimes it is possible to drop off/pick up from the office outside these hours or to arrange to pick it up from/drop it off to someone else who is using the camera.

For more information on other bookings in the calendar click the individual entry. Wherever we have details of pick up/drop off times they will be included in the information here.

The thermal imaging camera may only be borrowed by trained surveyors. Please check the thermal imaging page for details on upcoming training sessions.

Booking calendars


See: Useful resources on using the cameras

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