Solid Wall Insulation

The Centre at St Paul’s
Hills Rd CB2 1JP

Gina & Nicola at FallowfieldNearly all pre-1930s homes (and some built since) have solid walls that leak heat!

29 people came for lots of information and lively discussion with our panel of experts as they explained what’s involved in SWI and the choices you have.

You can download their presentations here:

Types of SWI  Margaret Reynolds   Green Architect:  Presentation
Hygroscopic insulation  Andrew Mitchell  Natural Building Technologies:  Presentation
SWI projects  Tim Acheson  Green Hat Construction:
Householder experience   Kevin Smith   Girton: Presentation
Grants & planning Justin Smith  Cambridge City Council: Presentation

The Cambridgeshire Solid Wall Insulation Fund  gives grants of up to £6,000 per household towards adding internal or external insulation to solid walls, helping reduce energy bills and carbon emissions. There are special offers for landlords and tenants too.

You can usually tell solid walls from cavity walls by the pattern of the bricks:

Solid+Cavity 1

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