So how are we doing halfway?

roast veg and hummusI thought I’d give a flavour of the emails flying to and and fro between the participants in this challenge! (The picture is of our supper last night: baked potato with home-made hummus and roasted winter veg (fennel, squash, beetroot and garlic) – the chick peas for the hummus weren’t local. (They’re one of my exceptions.) Dave was purring over it.)

“I’m beginning to realise how complex this whole issue is  –  I might be buying something that is produced locally, but what went into it, from where and how did it get here? I bought the pheasant offer today – loads of tiny bones but quite tasty.   Maybe pheasant is an acquired taste, but it’s nice in a casserole.” (Janet)

“i completely forgot I was doing the challenge and added Branston pickle to my supper…” (Bev)

“I’m enjoying this challenge far more than I thought I would.  I do seem to be cooking more than usual but also enjoying the results.  I’m particularly pleased that my spicy mixture of carrot, onion(cooked), lentils and beetroot was enjoyed by my son, aged 14.  He was actually impressed! Yesterday Simon my husband, bought some local beer so I’m going to indulge this evening with that.” (Clare)

I have eaten out a couple of times recently, which makes it difficult to stick to the challenge – interestingly, it was easier than I had thought not to stray too far. We ate with friends, who served veg soup (local), sea bass (obviously not local) with local veg, followed by baked apples (local, but stuffed (very deliciously!) with dried fruit and nuts – so nothing flown in from abroad! Then I had a meal with my sister in an Italian restaurant in Tunbridge Wells: borlotti bean soup followed by mushroom risotto (no cheese, as I am lactose intolerant). I have chosen rice and mushrooms as my other exceptions, so the meal didn’t really break the challenge much at all! (The risotto was absolutely heavenly!)

I’m getting emails from people who are not currently participating in the challenge but are following, and one of them sent this recipe for local tortilla.

Bev 20/1/14

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