Personal Stories

IMGP0809 Friends Meeting House
12 Jesus Lane, CB5 8BA

18 of us heard homeowners’ varied stories: choosing, installing and living with a variety of energy-saving measures. We learnt how and why they now live in beautiful, energy-efficient homes,  what’s it been like? What are the benefits — and the problems? Lively discussion continued and people found it hard to leave!


  • Antony at Sherlock Road is an engineer and DIY enthusiast. He and Kathryn wanted “to reduce our carbon footprint and lower our bills” which they’re achieving with an ambitious eco-renovation and extension of their home.
    See Antony’s Presentation
  • Colin has built 2 semi-detached timber-frame houses in Silverdale Avenue for his business and home, aiming for “a practical, low-maintenance, comfortable home that was as sustainable as possible at an affordable cost”  We heard how he got on!   See Colins’ Presentation

One of a series of events on putting home-energy inspiration into practice

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